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A conversation on theology, culture, and God's word.


Sep 30, 2018

What is marriage?  What is its purpose and how are husbands and wives to relate to one another?  Eric and Dillon look at the institution of marriage and how it ultimately points to Christ and the Church.  Lastly, they consider how husbands are to be servant-leaders in the home and what specifically this...

Sep 23, 2018

Eric and Dillon look at the concept of hermeneutics (Herman who?), which is simply a fancy word for how to read and interpret Scripture.  They discuss things such as historical context, theological context, and original intent.  They also address the relationship between the multiple human authors and the one divine...

Sep 16, 2018

Today Eric and Dillon discuss what it means to love the Lord with all your mind, including how the mind relates to emotions and to the will.

Sep 9, 2018

Today, in their very first episode, Eric and Dillon give a brief description of who they are, what they are doing, and why they are doing it.  

Their goal is to address important cultural and theological topics for the purpose of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.  Although their podcast is not an...