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A weekly conversation on theology, culture, and God's word.


Feb 17, 2019

Today we continue our series on idolatry by looking at the issue of entertainment and, more specifically, video games. I (Eric) share some of my own personal struggles with video game addiction and talk about how it became a form of idolatry for me. 

Feb 10, 2019

We continue our series on idolatry by looking at the topic of work and career. What does it mean to find our identity in what we do? Is work a good thing or a bad thing? When does work become an idol? We tackle those questions and more on today's episode.

Feb 3, 2019

Continuing with our series on idolatry, today we look at the topics of gluttony and drinking. Is it a sin to eat dessert or drink alcohol? What does the Bible say regarding food and drink? We address these questions on today's episode.

Jan 27, 2019

Today, in our series on idolatry, we interview a man who struggled with drug addiction before being set free by Christ.  He shares his experiences with us and addresses some of the ways that our culture misunderstands addiction.  

Jan 20, 2019

Today we begin a series on the topic of idolatry. In this first episode we look at some of the key biblical passages on idolatry and discuss how idolatry is alive and well today. In the next few weeks we will be looking at specific forms of idolatry in our culture. If there is a specific idolatry-related topic that...